Posted on Tuesday, 25 June

You’ll get wet. I promise!
Booty Camp starts at 6:30 Wednesday morning! Come get tight! $15 / 618!keefer street. Back alley entrance, between princess and heatley street. #bootycamp #vancouver #wetlife #tightlife

New Morning Class!

Posted on Tuesday, 11 June

Who doesn’t love getting hot and sweaty in the morning! Come get tight!  

6:30AM / $15 / Bag Drop at 618 Keefer Street, alley entrance

Full body weight resistance class with hits of cardio mixed in. This is your metabolism boosting workout!  

It’s hella early, but trust me, your day will rule after this!

Posted on Tuesday, 12 March

We do it in the rain! This wednesday, 6:30pm, $10. Meet up under the Cambie Street Bridge #tightlife

Posted on Tuesday, 5 March

Tight Club Night Club will be held on THURSDAY this week! _______________________
107 days until SUMMER
157 days until the SeaWheeze
46 days until the Sun Run
Lets get tight!
Different day: THURSDAY
Same time: 6:30pm
Same place: under the Cambie Street Bridge (yaletown side)
Same Cost: $10

Posted on Tuesday, 26 February

We #TIGHT the night!

Posted on Monday, 25 February

Be Tight. Photo cred: Tristan Casey

Posted on Tuesday, 12 February

Celebrate V-day by getting super wet with your best boo this wednesday at 6:30pm under the Cambie street bridge!

Posted on Wednesday, 6 February

#Vancouverphotographer #vishalmarapon got me all serious for a hot second. Check out his work at

Posted on Tuesday, 5 February

Tight the Night!

Posted on Thursday, 24 January

The “piss eye” did its job and lead me to my happy place. I got it tight. Ain’t no thang. #tightlife #makeitcount #causewaybayathleticclub (at causeway bay athletic club)